Our Story is a membership based Coworking community of Remote Workers, Start-ups, Micro-enterprises, Freelancers and Digital Nomads. We share a common workplace, facilities and occasionally opportunities. Plus10 is both a place to work and to socialize, to make friends, to network and to learn from peers….. MORE


Our Space

Our beautiful new home is not really new at all. In fact it is a rather old and rather charming protected 17th Century grain store. The outside is well preserved with its exposed cut Cork Red Sandstone identifying it as very much a Cork Building. …MORE


Coworking Options

We have designed our membership options to cater for as broad a range of needs and budgets as possible. All our memberships give you access to our space and all the basic in-house services like Kitchen, Wifi, Bike park, Lounge…MORE



We unashamedly love our city. Most who come to know and love it will still struggle to say what it is exactly that inspires that affection. In truth its many many things, its people, their outlook, their wit, their indefatigable spirit, their …MORE



In February we added a much needed Event Space to Plus10. To date events have been mostly internal or sectoral Meet-ups. Over the coming months however we will seek expand the range of events here. If you are a community group, a not-for-profit or ...MORE


Meeting Rooms

We have a number of Meeting Rooms and Spaces for your next occasion, Large or Small, Intimate or Formal, Relaxed or Focused.

Whether its a one to one across a table or …MORE


Remote and Freelance Opportunities

Our plan over the coming months is to bring you a flavour of the many, many jobs out there that offer you the opportunity to work remotely. And if you can work remotely why would you want to do it anywhere else but in the Peoples Republic Of Cork...MORE



Our thoughts on the things that matter to us.

What’s happening in Plus10, in Cork, with Coworking locally, nationally and globally, Developments in The Circular Economy, Smart and healthy Cities, Thoughts on and developments in Remote Working, increasing opportunities and risks in Freelancing, diversity, integration, collaboration and some of the other great Businesses in the Neighbourhood and ...MORE


Get in Touch

Whatever your query we would love to hear from you. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Give us a shout, call, buzz, ping, PM, text, letter, postcard, smoke-signal, whatever…..