Being a Friend and an Ally - Coming Out as a Supporter

As we come into high point of Pride Weekend at Plus10 Coworking we now realise we haven’t addressed our obligations as an enterprise to our LGBTI+ Community or the LGBTI+ community at large.

Even though we have always considered ourselves as an open-minded and caring Space, we know now that there is a difference between being supportive and actually being proud and open about it.

For this reason, we have decided to stand up and coming out as a supporter of the LGBTI+ community, from now on. Furthermore, we want to cheer and yell that we are honoured to be an ally supporting the cause at every turn.

Alongside Cork City and its Pride Festival Week, we have created this infographic to promote reinforce and respect towards the community. Here are a few simple ways to support LGBTI+ rights from an individual perspective and as an enterprise within the community.


As an enterprise within the community we can:

1. Create a safe workplace

By establishing inclusive policies and legislation, equivalent benefits, and identical treatment for every worker within the company.

2. Eliminate discrimination


Take discrimination seriously and eliminate any kind of unfair manner against LGBTI+ employees in the workplace, as well as from your recruitment and promotion practices.

3. Support LGBTI+ staff

Encourage employees to be visible, vocal and active, but above all, proud and safe in their workplace.

4. Support the LGBTI+ local community

Provide information to employees about local LGBTI+ events, celebrate National Pride Day, encourage volunteering at events and march in a parade are great ways to support the local community.

Every one of us, as an individual can:

1. Send gentle signs.

Showing and sharing your acceptance and respect towards the community it could be as easy as having a thematic book in your work desk or wearing a pin badge.

2. Be there.


Being there for anyone that may need help; friends, family, coworkers, neighbors... Show them that they can be authentic around you and that you will be listening, reassuring and supporting them no matter what.

3. Inform yourself

Reading and learning about LGBTI+ rights, using inclusive language and understanding the terminology and the differences between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are crucial.

4. Speak out

Stand up and speak out against anti-LGBTI+ harassment, discrimination and bullying. Showing your support publicly always empowers the community.

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