Remote Job Opportunities available in Cork

With the ongoing rise in remote Working we thought we would bring you a weekly round up of some of the jobs posted this week that would allow you to continue to live and work in beautiful Cork.

As this is our first such post we thought we might be a bit cheeky and root out some of the jobs you may not have realised you could do from here in Plus10 in the heart of Cork City.

Like all the jobs we will post here in the coming weeks -THESE ARE REAL JOBS.


Details available on:

Spaceship Physics Developer

Remote, full-time job. Needs experience with physics engine development and familiarity with version control. Develop rigid body simulation, write fast multi-threaded code using Unity DOTS, build rigid body simulation and will integrate features.

Work from: Anywhere

Posted: May 18 2019

Category: GamingScienceSoftware Development

Career Level: Experienced.


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