Who we are and what we are about

Plus10.org is a membership based Coworking community of Remote Workers, Start-ups, Micro-enterprises, Freelancers and Digital Nomads. We share a common workplace, facilities and occasionally opportunities. Plus10 is both a place to work and to socialize, to make friends, to network and to learn from peers. Collaboration is at Plus10's core, has been from it's outset, its enabled, but it is almost always spontaneous.

We didn't start life as a dedicated Coworking Space. We started when two of us needed a physical space to accommodate ourselves and two developers. When we couldn't find anything in Cork that was both affordable and short term we cleaned and painted a vacant shop premises in the city centre. It was a pop up office. Over the coming months some others in a similar situation approached us to use the space. We didn't really charge them. It was a case of "put a few bob in the kitty for milk and loo roll"  

We began to notice the space and the community taking on a life of its own. People with very different skills and projects were beginning to share skills and collaborate. Pivots were occurring and traction was being achieved. In our innocence we thought we had stumbled upon a whole new world of work. Then one day a guy walked in and said " Ah.. at long last, a Coworking Space in Cork". A quick search on Google and our delusions were shattered- Coworking had been around for quite sometime and San Francisco, not Cork was its cradle. Still, our organic development proved Coworking was no fad. Once we knew what we were we went about regularising what we did. 

When we sat down to do that we wanted to ensure that the sharing collaborative ethos would continue. We figured, that based on our experience, we spent between 5 and 10% of our time collaborating. We wanted to use that 10% to the betterment of our community and our city. Hence the name +10. And while we enshrined it in our mission statement we needn't have worried, it has always happened spontaneously.   

We subsequently formed Coworking Ireland. Only Europe's second national representative Coworking organisation together with half a dozen like minded Coworking Spaces.

Our new space is located in listed 18th century mill just off the central island. We have 74 desks right now with plans for a further 100 in 2019. It has, and continues to be a journey. If you feel like joining us on that journey, be it a day or something longer give us a shout. As we say around here Trína chéile a thógtar na caisleáin