Meet some of our Friends -the people and groups who make what we do possible

Cork City Council

Pat, Paul, Seamus and all good people at the Economic Development Office of Cork City Council have been extremely generous with their time since we started. CCC began to explore the idea of a Coworking Space as the first step in turning Cork into an Innovation Hub at much the same time we realised we were a Coworking Space. Their support enabled us to attend our first European Coworking Conference. It allowed us offer monitors to each member and we hope to utilise that support further during our planned expansion in 2016  


IT@Cork is the glue that pulls and holds so many diverse elements the make up the IT Family in Cork. To Ronan, Sarah and the vast volunteerism that is the backbone of this great organisation we salute you. 

Cork Innovates

We know there is more to Cork Innovates than just Siobhan Finn(We know this because it does so much to bring cohesion to the frantic start-up and innovation scene in Cork that there must be a small army behind her). Siobhan has time for everyone and every idea from the sublime to the outright ridiculous(We also know this because we have at times been the ones proposing the impossible)